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This is what you've been looking for.. we are the perfect choice for students who want the best of everything, a friendly multicultural school with great teachers and modern facilities. Located close to the airport, beaches and opposite a major shopping mall. Botany Downs Secondary College is a wonderful environment to get a world-class education.


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Welcome to Botany Downs Secondary College

3 reasons to choose our International Student Program

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Relationships: Our staff bring students on two trips a year which gives us a perfect opportunity to get to know all our students and for them to know us.

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Future ready: We're one of the newest schools in New Zealand and we've continue to add new facilities up until 2017. Students use computers in most lessons as we work to prepare them for their future.

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Homestay: our school is in a relatively new affluent area and the quality of homes reflect this. You will be in a home that is clean, safe, with all the space and amenities you would expect.

Offerings & Activities

School Facilities

Our College prides itself on embracing new technologies to enhance learning. Our Microsoft relationship and commitment to innovation allows us to maintain that edge. Our House structure plays a key role in how we provide pastoral support, allowing students to feel that they are part of a very small school yet retaining all the benefits, subject availability and sports selection of a large school.

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Subject Options

Spezial 1


Year 10

Typical age 14 - 15 years old. Year 10 provides students with the framework for starting our national examinations in the following year. Students must study five core subjects: English, Mathematics, Sports, Social Science and Science. The remaining three subjects can be selected by the student from the Languages, Technology and Arts subject areas.


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Year 11

Typical age 15 - 16 years old. Year 11 is the first year of our national exams. Students are required to study three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. The remaining three subjects can be selected by the student from the Languages, Technology and Arts subject areas. Outdoor Education becomes available from Year 11 which is a very popular subject for International students.


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Year 12

Typical age 16 - 17 years old. Year 12 is the second year of our national exams. It is an important year for students as they choose subjects that will lay the pathway toward their intended degree. At this level the only required subject is English and therefore students can choose five additional subjects from a range of almost forty subjects.


Music / Performing Arts

We have many opportunities for students to develop their performance abilities. We have one major Dance performance each year that takes place over three days with an audience of almost three hundred people. We have junior and senior Drama productions and if you choose to study Music or Drama there will be additional opportunities for you to perform. Students have the opportunity to participate in regional and national competitions. We are also are lucky enough to be in close proximity to one of the best dance studios in the world; Parri$ Goubbel's, Palace Dance Studio is only 20 minutes away

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Taking part in sports is the best way to make friends with local students and at the start of the year (February) we have numerous sports available for you to get involved with. We want everyone to be involved and we cater for a range of abilities so weather you are at a high level or want to try something new our Sports department will be happy to help.

We also have many links with lots of local clubs and groups so if there is an activity you're interested in that we don't offer in school get in touch and we can help you get involved Examples of local groups include, Circus, Parkour...

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Sports (depending on season)










Cross Country



Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking












Table Tennis



Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby




Details & Facts

School Type: Day School

Gender: Co-ed

Qualifications: NCEA

Year Levels: 9 - 13

Religion: Non-Denominational

Total Enrolment: 1900

Total international students year 9 - 13: 150

Program Established: 2005

International students accepted for: 9,  10,  11,  12,  13

Foreign Languages: French,  Spanish,  Chinese,  Japanese,  Maori,  ESOL,  IELTS Prep

Info: Studying languages with us is more than simply learning vocabulary. It’s an exciting environment where you will can learn about the culture and traditions while learning from first language speakers.

Entrance Dates: Term 1/January,  Term 2/April,  Term 3/July,  Term 4/October

Length of stay: 1 Term,  2 Terms,  3 Terms,  4 Terms,  until graduation

Application Deadlines: Rolling

Application Process: Enrolment Form,  Registration Fee,  Offer of Place,  Payment Receipt




Most recent newsletter:


Location: North Island , Suburban

Info: The school’s location is superb; we are 30 minutes from Auckland Intentional Airport So when your child arrives in New Zealand they will not need an additional flight or a long journey to get to their new home.

We are only 40 minutes from our largest city, Auckland which has been recognised as the fourth most liveable city on the world and features a wide range of activities, events, and entertainment that you can become involved in.

Directly opposite the College is Auckland’s second-largest shopping mall, Botany Town Centre, Offering an array of experiences to fill time including: ice skating, a cinema, food court, night market, bowling and more. All of this means that students have everything they need to educate and entertain themselves in a very safe area.

Specialized Programs: Outdoor Education,  Trips

Info: Our Outdoor Education classes offer once in a life time opportunities that can make your time in New Zealand truly amazing. You'll have the chance to sail a world class racing yacht, surf, mountain bike, rock climb and see parts of New Zealand that even locals don't get to visit!

We believe that education doesn't just take part in the classroom and we provide opportunities for students to see the country. Every year we take students to the Bay of Islands, Rotorua and Raglan for an adventure camp. It's important for us that we organise and accompany these trips, it gives us the opportunity to spend time with the students so we can really get to know each other.

We partner with local travel companies who provide additional trips, exclusively catering to teenage International students.

Accommodation: Homestay

Info: Homestay placement is perhaps the most important aspect of a students experience. We have a range of families who want to host International families and we work hard to place students with a family that is the best fit for them. All our families are Police vetted and we visit them regularly to ensure they continue to meet our requirements. We are proactive in our care, students are interviewed during their stay to make sure that everything is OK at home and at school and our team of Homestay coordinators are there to help solve any problems.

Student Services & Orientation & Counseling:

We run a two part orientation. Day one is a basic introduction we prepare your timetable and explain how the school works. You'll be paired with a student who will be a friendly face to look after you, make sure you don't get lost and that you get to class on time. The second orientation day is held at the end of the week and we answer all of the questions that you will have after being in class.

Going to school in New Zealand will be an great adventure, and there will be good days and bad days. To help, we have a team of counselors at school who offer support and advice when you need it.

The International team is also available to you, we operate an open door policy where you are always welcome to come to see us and we have a 24/7 phone for emergencies.


Our Fee Structure

1 Term (Term 1 or 2 or 3) NZD 8240 EUR 4871,70
2 Terms (Term 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 or 3 & 4) NZD 15720 EUR 9294,08
3 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3) NZD 23200 EUR 13716,45
4 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3, 4) NZD 31530 EUR 18641,36
4 Terms (Term 3, 4, 1, 2) NZD EUR -

Tuition Fees cover: Tuition, Administration, Airport Meet & Farewell, Homestay & Homestay placement

Homestay Fees per week NZD 290 EUR 171,46

Please note that 1 term consists of approx. 10 weeks in school and host family. Moreover please take into account homestay fees during school breaks/holidays.

Additional Fees: Uniform (approximately $400)

Fees information available online:

Please calculate additional costs for
Airfare approx. Euro 1200 to Euro 1600
Visa approx. Euro 160
Pocket money approx. Euro 200 to 250/month
If applicable additional health/accident/third part liability insurance

Health Insurance: optional

Student Safe (Allianz)

valid for school year 2020

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