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Onslow College is a co-education state secondary school with a strong tradition of academic education within a student centred philosophy. We teach our students to be independent learners. Students do not wear a uniform. Our International Student Department has an 'open door' approach to our students. They are welcome to meet with us at any time and we work hard at providing them with high quality care, a suitable academic course and regular social activities.


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Welcome to Onslow College

3 reasons to choose our International Student Program

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Onslow College offers excellent standards of teaching with academic success. Recently we have won national and international awards in Graphic Design, Mathematics, Physics, and Design Technology.

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Onslow offers some different courses for our international students to experience. These include New Zealand studies, cafe cuisine, information technology, outdoor education and electronics.

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Our host families and carefully selected and vetted to ensure that each student's experience of living with a New Zealand family is positive and they get to experience the New Zealand culture.

Offerings & Activities

School Facilities

Onslow College has excellent cultural and sports facilities. Our newly completed student centre and cafeteria, media studies suite, international student block, science block, gymnasium, technology suite, mathematics block, music suite, library, arts centre, and information technology facilities are all features of the school.

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Subject Options

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Year 10

In year 10 English, Mathematics, Science, PE/Health and Social Studies are compulsory. Students in year 10 are also able to pick subjects from the following list of options: Art, Dance, Drama, Music Performance, Music Composition, French, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Te Reo Māori, Design Technology, Nutrition & Food Technology, Textiles & Design, Graphics, and Digital Technologies.


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Year 11

In year 11 English, Mathematics and Science are compulsory. Students in year 11 are also able to pick subjects from the following list of options: Art, Drama, Music, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Te Reo Māori, Physical Education, PE Practical, Geography, History, Business and Economics, Accounting, Nutrition & Food Technology, Graphics & Design, Fashion & Design and Digital Technologies.


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Year 12

In year 12 English is compulsory but we encourage the students to enrol in a mathematics course. The school offers a wide range of subject options to students Most students study 6 subjects and chose one subject that is more practical. Outdoor education, information technology and cafe cuisine are some possibilities. Please refer to our Subject Structure List for all the subject choices.


Music / Performing Arts

The Onslow College Music Department is a vibrant and thriving community. We have a wide range of Music groups including Choirs, Concert Band, Orchestra, Rock Bands and Chamber Ensembles. Across the course of the year there are many performance opportunities and concerts ranging from solo instruments to combined works for Choir and Orchestra. The Music Curriculum includes the study of performance, theory and history alongside a strong focus on the creation and performance of student composition. Onslow College provides opportunities for students interested in dance to participate in both curricular and co-curricular dance. Drama follows a strong tradition of public performance. Students are encouraged to extend their individual creativity and learn to work together in a variety of settings.

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Onslow College students participate and compete successfully in a wide range of sporting activities. Our sports staff coordinate sporting activities within the school and work to ensure that our students participate successfully. It is important that our international students are part of this.
The school is very strong in football, basketball, futsal, rowing, hockey, rugby, canoe polo and adventure racing. Other sports include badminton, touch rugby and shooting.

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Sports (depending on season)





Kanu Polo

Canoe Polo






Cross Country
















Rock Climbing














Table Tennis



Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby


Underwater Hockey




Details & Facts

School Type: Day School

Gender: Co-ed

Qualifications: NCEA

Year Levels: Year 9 to Year 13

Religion: Non-Denominational

Total Enrolment: 1250

Total international students year 9 - 13: 60

Program Established: 1956

International students accepted for: 9,  10,  11,  12,  13

Foreign Languages: French,  Spanish,  Chinese,  Japanese,  Maori,  ESOL,  IELTS Prep

Info: Onslow College strongly encourages students to develop a cultural understanding of the languages they are studying. Our international students are great resources for this and help the local students.

Entrance Dates: Term 1/January,  Term 2/April,  Term 3/July

Length of stay: 1 Term,  2 Terms,  3 Terms,  4 Terms,  until graduation,  Short term study (1 to 8 weeks)

Application Deadlines: Rolling

Application Process: Enrolment Form,  School Reports,  Teacher's Reference,  Student Letter of Introduction,  Offer of Place,  Payment Receipt

Website: www.onslow.school.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OnslowCollege/


Location: North Island , Urban

Info: Onslow College is situated in Johnsonville, a suburb 20 minutes north of central Wellington. It has a large campus set in the hills, with numerous sports fields and surrounded by native bush. There are numerous parks, an indoor swimming pool, 2 gyms and a mall about 10 minutes from the school. These facilities are used by our students regularly.
Johnsonville is 20 minutes by train or bus from the city centre of Wellington which is New Zealand’s capital city. It has a population of around 200 000 and is built around a beautiful harbour and green hills. Wellington offers interesting shopping, entertaining and cultural experiences.

Specialized Programs: Outdoor Education,  Trips

Info: In February we always introduce our international students to the outdoors as part of the international student orientation programme. We travel to the Wairarapa (another region) where the students can experience surfing, rafting, high ropes and abseiling and spend the night on a Maori marae (meeting house).
We also offer an outdoor education course for senior students which includes kayaking, mountain biking, tramping, sailing and a high ropes course.
A learn to surf course is offered in terms 1 and 4. This is an extra cost.
The music camp 3 day weekend at the beginning of the year w for any students who enjoy playing or making music.
There are many tours around different parts of New Zealand for our international students to join. The International Department can assist with this.

Accommodation: Homestay

Info: Homestays with New Zealand families is arranged by the school. We have a homestay manager who carefully selects and gives some training to the families to ensure that student’s experience of living with them is positive. All the host families are vetted. The homestay families are encouraged to involve the students in their daily lives and support them at school. There is an annual international dinner for all the host families which welcomes the new students and host families to the school. Host parents are expected to keep their student safe and know were they are at all times.

Student Services & Orientation & Counseling:

The International Department runs both general and homestay orientation sessions regularly for all new students. A Powhiri (Maori Welcome) is held in terms 1 and 3 and students are given a buddy to support them while they are with us. We also take the students into Wellington city centre for a few hours to help them become familiar with what Wellington has to offer.
We have an active buddy programme and all new students have a trained person to look after them at school.
The careers department works with students both in the class room and individually giving them advice and information about their future pathways.
We have 2 full time counsellors available for the students and we provide bilingual support when required.

Term Dates 2020:

Term 1: 28.01.2020 - 09.04.2020

Term 2: 28.04.2020 - 03.07.2020

Term 3: 20.07.2020 - 25.09.2020

Term 4: 12.10.2020 - 09.12.2020


Our Fee Structure

1 Term (Term 1 or 2 or 3) NZD 4700 EUR 2646,99
2 Terms (Term 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 or 3 & 4) NZD 9000 EUR 5068,71
3 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3) NZD 13000 EUR 7321,47
4 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3, 4) NZD 17000 EUR 9574,23
4 Terms (Term 3, 4, 1, 2) NZD 17000 EUR 9574,23

Tuition Fees cover: Tuition Fees include individual subject costs but not government NCEA exam fees, overnight field trips, music lessons or sports fees e.g. badminton or soccer. Stationery and workbook are to be purchased at student’s expenses. Tuition fees will remain the same for the duration of the student’s study.

Homestay Fees per week NZD 300 EUR 168,96

Please note that 1 term consists of approx. 10 weeks in school and host family. Moreover please take into account homestay fees during school breaks/holidays.

Additional Fees: The following are only applicable only if student participates:
- NCEA (National Certificates in Educational Achievement) $383.30
- Sports fee ($60 - $150) per sport
- school trips

Fees information available online: www.onslow.school.nz/application/files/3115/8043/3685/fees_schedule_2020-2021__year-term.pdf

Please calculate additional costs for
Airfare approx. Euro 1200 to Euro 1600
Visa approx. Euro 160
Pocket money approx. Euro 200 to 250/month
If applicable additional health/accident/third part liability insurance

Health Insurance: mandatory

If student chooses to organise his/her own insurance, an English translation of the Summary of Benifits must be provided to school.

valid for school year 2020

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