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Welcome to Wellington East Girls' College. Our school is well known for its strong friendly spirit and success in academia, sport and music. We welcome and enjoy having many different cultures in our school and our students speak of tolerance, acceptance and kindness. The school has very recently completed a major re-build, connecting our original 1925 building in and around the most modern and beautiful learning spaces found in the region. Classes enjoy views of the city and harbour and our facilities are outstanding. Our school motto is TAKE THE LIGHT AND PASS IT ON. We do our best to shine the brightest in all we do.


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Welcome to Wellington East Girl's College

3 reasons to choose our International Student Program

Grund 1


Our focus is to empower students to achieve personal excellence in whatever they chose to do. Teaching programmes maximise challenge, sustain motivation and grow independance.

Grund 2


We encourage and support students to be active in the school community through playing a sport, playing music, singing in one of our four choirs or belonging to one of our many clubs.

Grund 3


Building strong connections within the school provides our students with lifelong friendships and vital skills to use in their futures. Take the Light and Pass it On - our school motto.

Offerings & Activities

School Facilities

Modern and beautiful academic learning spaces
Full size gymnasium, heated indoor swimming pool, grass playing field with sports pavilion
Library, Cafe and Student Support Centre (deans, careers, counselling, uniforms and shop)
Maori Cultural Centre, Recording studio and theatre, large school hall
Dance and Drama Studio, Music suite with practice rooms, Hospitality/foods learning hub

Gebaeude 1
Gebaeude 2 Gebaeude 3

Subject Options

Spezial 1


Year 10

English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Economics and Business, Health and Physical Education, Design and Visual Communication, Digital Technologies, Food Technology, Fashion and Design Technology, 3D Design, Art, Dance and Drama, Music, Media Studies, Adventure Education, Languages


Spezial 2


Year 11

English, Mathematics, Science, Health Science, Biological and Chemical Science, Anthropology, Geography, History, Economics, Applied Business, Physical Education, Food Technology, Hospitality, Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Fashion Design Technology, Design and Build, Digital Technologies, Languages


Sport 3


Year 12

English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health Science, Geography, History, Classical Studies, Sociology, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Sports Leadership, Art History, Painting, Design, Sculpture, Photography, Music, Dance, Drama, Fashion Design Tech, Food/Hospitality, Design and Visual Communication, Digital Tech, Languages, Tourism


Music / Performing Arts

Wellington East Girls' College is well know in the field of music and performing arts. Our auditioned choir has twice in recent years travelled overseas to sing in France, Austria, Singapore and China. They often win national awards for their talent and creative presentation of work. We encourage all students to sing and have a further three choirs catering to all who wish to participate. Every two years the school stages a major production and in the intervening years we provide a strong talent pool for other local boys schools for their productions.

Gebaeude 1
Gebaeude 2 Gebaeude 3


We are well known for sport and encourage students to join a team. With a large school roll we are able to run teams at all levels, from national champions through to social teams who play for the love of getting together. In term one of every year we run 'Give it a Go' sport where students try out one sport each week and receive instruction on what to do - some sports covered are basketball, volleyball, fencing, badminton and netball. The school holds many regional and national titles and these teams enjoy playing against the best our country has to offer.

Sport 2 Sport 3
Sport 1

Sports (depending on season)











Kanu Polo

Canoe Polo








Cross Country
























Table Tennis



Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby




Underwater Hockey



Water Polo

Water Polo


Details & Facts

School Type: Day School

Gender: Girls

Qualifications: NCEA

Year Levels: 9 - 13

Religion: Non-Denominational

We welcome and celebrate students from many different countries who all bring with them their own religious beliefs, cultural practices and traditions. There are a number of events through the year where we can share these differences - our Cultural Variety Night and our Food Fair. The school also provides a non-dominational quiet and private prayer room.

Total Enrolment: 1000

Total international students year 9 - 13: 25

Program Established: 1995

International students accepted for: 9,  10,  11,  12,  13

Foreign Languages: French,  Spanish,  Chinese,  Maori,  ESOL,  other

Info: Students are well supported in languages with classes at every level. There are also occasional overseas trips to support language learning - in French and Chinese.

Entrance Dates: Term 1/January,  Term 2/April,  Term 3/July,  Term 4/October

Length of stay: 1 Term,  2 Terms,  3 Terms,  4 Terms,  until graduation,  Short term study (1 to 8 weeks)

Application Deadlines: Rolling

We can accept students at any time of the year. Senior students wishing to attend in term four are

Application Process: Enrolment Form,  School Reports,  Offer of Place,  Payment Receipt

Info: Upon receiving a completed Enrolment Form and accompanying documents we issue a Conditional Offer of Place and invoice. Once paid the Confirmed Offer of Place and receipt allow the student to attend.

Website: www.wegc.school.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WEGCSchool/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/explore/locations/247040377/wellington-east-girls-college

Most recent newsletter: www.wegc.school.nz/our-school/newsletter


Location: North Island , City

Info: Wellington East Girls' College sits on a small hill overlooking the city and harbour and is surrounded by a natural park which is part of a green 'belt' which runs right around the city. The school has many well kept garden areas and is just a short walk to the centre of town or the local city beach and cafes. Within the school zone we have the National Hockey Stadium, the city velodrome, the main aquatic swimming and diving facility, the city badminton hall, the largest indoor sports arena and outdoor grass and artificial football pitches. The airport is also within our school zone and is easily accessible for our students.

Specialized Programs: Leadership,  Outdoor Education,  Trips

Info: There are many opportunities for our students to take part in a variety of events which extend their academic, leadership, sporting or musical interests. The school supports the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme where students volunteer in the community and complete challenging outdoor pursuits. In both winter and summer we take sports teams away to play schools from all over New Zealand in end of season tournaments. In addition we participate in many academic gatherings in the areas of science, English, languages and mathematics.

Accommodation: Homestay

Info: Our homestay accommodation is of a high quality and we work hard to find and keep lovely families. It has been said that we have the best homestays in NZ! All of our homestay families live within our school zone and students are able to access our school bus network which runs before and after school. Many of our host families enjoy getting involved in their students lives and we see them at school functions and events supporting their new 'daughter'. Our school zone is a beautiful part of the city and many host families live very near to beaches and local attractions. It is not uncommon for our students to go away on holiday with their host family.

Student Services & Orientation & Counseling:

Our Student Services Centre is a place where students can access a counsellor, a nurse, a careers advisor, new uniform items, their year level dean or just a friendly face to ask a question of. All of our international students take part in orientation which is covers life at school, in the homestay and in our city. Our international students are supported by an International Dean, a Homestay Co-ordinator, their Ako (home) teacher and also two International Prefects (year 13 leaders). Each international student receives their own school buddy who is there to care for them if they need it. International students who come from Europe find making friends easy and quick - our students have a strong interest in caring for them.


Our Fee Structure

1 Term (Term 1 or 2 or 3) NZD 4,250 EUR 2510,48
2 Terms (Term 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 or 3 & 4) NZD 8,500 EUR 5020,97
3 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3) NZD 12,750 EUR 7531,45
4 Terms (Term 1, 2, 3, 4) NZD 17,000 EUR 10041,94
4 Terms (Term 3, 4, 1, 2) NZD 17,000 EUR 10041,94

Tuition Fees cover: Airport pick up and drop off
One winter and one summer sport, or other activity if not sporty
Course materials for all subjects except for Outdoor Education
One camp - we run geography camps, PE camps and year group camps

Homestay Fees per week NZD 320 EUR 189,02

Please note that 1 term consists of approx. 10 weeks in school and host family. Moreover please take into account homestay fees during school breaks/holidays.

Additional Fees: Homestay fee per week is $320 in 2023
Administration and Pastoral Care Fee for one full year is $950 (one term $300, two terms $500, three terms $700)
School uniform - brand new for all items costs approximately $8000, however, good quality second hand uniforms may be purchased for about $450
Full insurance for one year is approximately $600

Fees information available online: www.wegc.school.nz/international/application-and-fees

Comment Fees: Please note that our European student pricing is slightly lower than for the rest of the world pricing (which is what you see on the website). We try to include as much value as possible for each international student. Each term we get together and enjoy activities and food, often out of school and this is always covered by our tuition fee. We encourage our students to attend a camp even if they may not be taking the subject - it is a way to make new friends and see some more of our lovely country. This is included in the tuition fee.

Please calculate additional costs for
Airfare approx. Euro 1200 to Euro 1600
Visa approx. Euro 160
Pocket money approx. Euro 200 to 250/month
If applicable additional health/accident/third part liability insurance

Health Insurance: optional

Unicare Student Plan. We are happy to accept another policy provided by the student, as long as we are satisfied it meets all the needs of the student while they are in New Zealand studying.

valid for school year 2023

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