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Immerse Yourself in French in Canada!
This homestay high school program welcomes students from grades six through 12.
New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada, where francophones proudly celebrate and promote their language and Acadian culture. Participating French schools, are located in cities and rural communities, and offer high quality academic programs and a safe learning environment.
The aim is to help participants to learn or improve French language skills, as well as practice English. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity includes a variety of interesting activities for every season.


Nearest Airport:

Moncton (YQM), Fredericton (YFC), Bathurst (ZBF)



Suburban,  City,  Urban,  small-town,  rural



French,  bilingual surroundings


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Welcome to New Brunswick French International Student Program

3 reasons to choose our International Student Program

Grund 1


Small and medium-sized bilingual communities that are very safe and friendly, always close to nature and outdoor activities like skiing or kayaking, as well as artistic pursuits like music or dance.

Grund 2


Modern, active schools with a variety of sports, clubs and activities, which welcome international students to participate. Caring teachers that will offer language support and any help needed.

Grund 3


Caring homestays and coordinators. Activites are organized once per month for international students, such as ski trips, bowling, movies, fishing, as well as 2 larger trips to Toronto and Québec City.

Offerings & Activities

School Facilities

Cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, inside and outside sports facilities, libraries, science labs, computer labs, music and arts studios, carpentry/welding/woodworking/mecanics workshops, cooking and sewing facilities.

Gebaeude 1
Gebaeude 2 Gebaeude 3


Soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, american football, rugby, track & field, golf, etc.

Sport 2 Sport 3
Sport 1

Special Offerings & Activities

Camps,  International Baccalaureate,  Trips

Spezial 1
Spezial 2
Sport 3

2-week French Summer Camp in August, in Moncton.
2 high schools offer the IB program, École Mathieu-Martin and École Sainte-Anne.
2 trips during the year: Toronto/Niagara Falls and Québec City


Ice Hockey


Girls and Boys Hockey Academies.


Details & Facts

School Operator: State School

Program Established: 2010

Total number of schools: 90

Total Students: 30000

Number of High schools for international students: 14

Total international students grade 9-12: 70

Grades: K - 12

Info: Our school profiles are available at Choose the schools tab.

International students accepted for: 9,  10,  11,  12

Foreign Languages: French,  Spanish

Info: The language of instruction in our schools is French. English and Spanish are offered as Foreign languages.

Entrance Dates: August,  September,  February

Length of stay: 3 months/Term,  5 months/semester,  10 months/full year,  until graduation

Application Deadlines: June 20 and December 20

Application Process:
Fillable PDF Application Form




Location: Suburban,  City,  Urban,  small-town,  rural

Info: New Brunswick is a province on the east coast of Canada, located between the provinces of Québec and Nova Scotia, and north of the State of Maine, USA. It features many natural features such as the highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy, the Appalachian Mountain range, the Atlantic Ocean with warm, sandy beaches, and many picturesque forests, lakes and rivers.
Some communities are mostly English-speaking, some are mostly French-speaking and some are completely bilingual. The French culture is very present across the province with the French language, as well as the music, arts and dance.


Number of courses / system: Semestered

Info: Five courses are offered per semester. A total of 10 courses per school year.

Accomodation: Homestay

Info: All of our homestay families are bilingual (French and English). All international students are assigned a homestay coordinator that helps them integrate in their family and community, as well as organizes monthly activities. She can also help them with any problems, issues, or homestay changes.

Student Services & Orientation & Counseling:

In all schools, international students have access to orientation and counseling services, as well as a coordinator that acts as a resource person for any questions or issues.


Our Schools

High School Total Enrolment Website
École Mathieu-Martin 1000
École Sainte-Anne 625
Cité des jeunes A.M Sormany 980
Polyvalente Thomas-Albert 585
Polyvalente A.J. Savoie 235
Polyvalente Roland-Pépin 355
École Aux Quatre Vents 240
École secondaire Népisiguit 905
Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux 470
École Marie-Esther 470
École Clément-Cormier 420
Polyvalente Louis-J-Robichaud 590
École l'Odyssée 730

Our Fee Structure

Application Fee CAD 400 EUR 296,47
 Full Year Tuition Fee CAD 10000 EUR 7411,80
Semester Tuition Fee CAD 5000 EUR 3705,90
Annual Homestay Placement Fee CAD 0 EUR 0,00
Homestay Monthly Fee CAD 800 EUR 592,94
Health Insurance Monthly Fee CAD 75 EUR 55,59
Annual Custodianship Fee CAD 0 EUR 0,00
Airport Pick-up Fee CAD 150 EUR 111,18
Total Semester Fees CAD 10150 EUR 7522,98
Total Annual Fees CAD 19500 EUR 14453,01

Please calculate additional costs for
Airfare approx. Euro 1100 to Euro 1700
Study Permit approx. Euro 170
Pocket money approx. Euro 200 to 250/month
If applicable additional health/accident/third part liability insurance

Health Insurance: mandatory

Medavie Blue Cross

Info: Orientation Fee $200. An additional fee of $50 will be charged for all wire transfers.
An additional fee of $75 per month will be added for special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)

valid for school year 2021/22

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